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Platinotlač - Karol Kramarič

What is platinum photo print?

Platinotlač - Karol Kramarič

Platinum photo print is a unique process of photo making, which results are photographs known for their beauty, stability, and durability.

These photographs are made of hand mixed emulsions of precious metals - platinum and palladium. Together with the best quality paper made out of 100% cold-pressed cotton, photographs guarantee durable quality for hundreds of years.

Tones of platinum photo print can considerably vary. These photographs can range from cold, slightly purple black through different tones of brown and warn black with span of silver in mid-tones.

Photographs from platinum and palladium do not have breakaway in any other modern printing technique not only in their appearance, but also their durability. Elements of platinum and palladium are extremely stable against chemical reactions, which can degrade the print in time.

Price list

Image size (mm)

Paper size (mm)

Price for 1 pc

Price 2-5 pcs (for 1 pc)

Price 6+ pcs (for 1 pc)

297 x 420

302 x 425

110 €

85 €

75 €

180 x 267

210 x 297

55 €

45 €

38 €

145 x 180

148 x 210

29 €

25 €

22 €

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